Custom image attribute + image width + crossfade + permanent overlay questions

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I hope these questions have not been answered or if there is doco somewhere please accept my apology.

Could I please get answers to the following:

1. Can you please point me to the C5 page that clearly explains how to add a custom image attribute. And once this is done I assume that this new attribute, for example, named "imageURL" would be available from within the slider setup block in the drop down titled "Link Image (using Custom Attribute)" and then whatever value that was in the "imageURL" attribute for any given slide (set in the File Manager under the images properties) would be the URL that a user would go to if they clicked a given slide? Is that correct?

2. My layout width is 1020px wide at 100% and the images in my slideshow are also 1020px wide yet they appear to be scaling up such that I can not see the right edge of the image (ie it is clipped). Can I please get directions as to how to stop this scaling/clipping please?

3. By default this awesome plugin seems to fade to the background of the container. Is it possible to crossfade between successive images? And if so could you please point me in the right direction?

4. Also is it possible to get some pointers on how to configure the slideshow such that each images overlay stays on 100% of the time, ie, as the image crossfades in the overlay crossfades in at the same time and at the same rate, rather than sliding?

Finally, Thanks for an awesome plugin!

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whitecliffs replied on at Permalink Reply

To save some time I have solved question number 2.

jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, to answer your questions:

1) here's the page on the C5 site about adding a File Attribute -
Yes, you just enter the URL in this attribute that you want to link to (include the full "http://...").

3) The default fade-in-fade-out effect is the only one available. A cross-fade effect requires some decent customisations to the Javascript that powers the add-on. We do offer custom coding services, so if you're interested please let me know and I can work out a quote.

4) Sure, look in the js/s3Slider.js file at lines 58 (for "slideUp") and 66 (for "slideDown"). This controls the sliding up and down. You could replace those functions with "fadeIn" and "fadeOut" or "show", or if you know a little JS you may be able to play around with that.

Hope this helps.

larese replied on at Permalink Reply
whitecliffs replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JB,

Thanks for the heads up.

I will have a look through the information today and get back to you if required.

Thanks again for your help and prompt response.

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