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I have just purchased Slider Overlay and I'm very satisfied so far. I would like to disable the fade in of new slides so that the current slide fades out to reveal the next slide.

Is this possible? I am comfortable with adjusting the javascript and re-applying tweaks to future versions. Thanks.

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Interesting question. The fade in/fade out effect is generated automatically and the time is actually calculated proportionally to the length of each slide.

The closest way to get the effect you want is speed up the cross fade effect. This involved a bit of Javascript magic.

1) Find the blocks/jb_slider/js/s3Slider.js file
2) Do a find & replace - "timeOut/6" for "timeOut/20" or adjust that number to whatever you wish - the higher the number, the faster the cross fade.

Hope this helps.


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