My Addon Has gone all crazy

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Hi there

I have recently updated the CMS to the latest version, but i had this addon before and it was doing the same thing.

Its not aligning the pictures to the center and is scaling the image so it doesn display it all?

i though the lastest concrete whould fix it but it would appear not?

PLease have a look at this and tell me why the pictures are all padding and out of place and missing some of the images?

Carl Lee

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Carl,
It does that if your image is too small. Try using a larger image or enter smaller width/height in the editor interface.

Hope this helps.

carl101lee replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there The images are 235px by 400px and the size of the container and set in the program are the same??

I have doubles the image size and still get the same problem?

jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
in the helpers/imageresizerslider.php file try commenting out lines 132 and 135 - this way the thumbnails will not be cached and it will force the regeneration of those images.

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