Personal opinion: this add-on has to be finished and upgraded due to its commercial value

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Hi Jb1,
Honestly said, your add on is incomplete, not upgraded, and it's a pity thats happen with a commercial add-on, which I've bought and still doesn't match my needs. In my opinion, YOU should take care on the custom attribute we are spoke about, or give clear and easy instruction made by you (tutorial like style) to your customer.
Other way, you should propose it by free.

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whitecliffs replied on at Permalink Reply

I am afraid that I have to agree with you. This add-on was helpful but, there is no useful documentation or tutorials and it is buggy. For example at least in Firefox Mac under the latest version of C5 the edit screen does not display correctly (you need to scroll way out to the right to find the controls. Further after adding an attribute type for URL (thanks jb1 for the link to the C5 site) all existing slides lost their styles and all instances of slideshows added via Page Type disappeared (I had to regenerate all child slideshows again). I have just given up as this add-on is kinda there, I can style it how I want and can hack it as indicated by another user on these forums to get the URL's in anyway (so goodbye custom URL attribute: what's that all my original styling comes back straight away. At least that is one unexpected benefit and something I won't have to hack or customise!).

I hope I am not being too harsh, but, I strongly believe in a complete cyclic life-cycle where programming is concerned. Developers, whether they like it or not have a responsibility to:

consult > design > develop > test > document > maintain (and continue to do so)

If you don't have all the required skills then hire someone who does and come up with a great product. One that you are passionate enough to create and maintain and that your users also rave about, respect and love. For example, say you can not teach, then get someone who can to write your doco and tutorials, if you can not design, then get a designer and finally if you hate testing and maintenance then pay someone who is great at that to cover for you. Assuming you are charging for the final product then all will be well. If it's all too hard then release it for free until it is 'awesome'. Who knows if the community is encouraged to participate you may even get the extra help for free.

There really are some fantastic paid add-ons under C5 and to be fair this one shows much potential it's just not there now. Equally, there are free add-ons that blow me away. Perhaps jb1 will consider releasing this for free until it is in 'blow me away' territory?

I consider myself to be more of a HTML/CSS designer than a developer (though I am no slouch on the server or the front-end when I need to cut PHP, JS, jQuery) and I absolutely love C5. It offers great add-ons and themes at great prices that allows me concentrate on design and nailing client requirements.

To wrap up, this plugin helped more than it hindered.

Who knows I may even hack away over the coming weeks to get it to behave a little more the way I would like it too. But, then again ... I only freelance for close friends and would much rather play my guitar in my spare time !!!

If anyone is interested to see C5 at it's best featuring awesome plugins (automatic feeds, real-time twitter, tableless forms, social links, google maps, designer content, great pop-ups with pop up pro along with a slider that shows much potential) then please have a look at:

Please note, I am still working on this site now and also I have not completed cross browser/device testing yet, so, any weirdness is likely due to those two facts and will be addressed before migration. I would recommend a recent version of Firefox in the meantime. The above URL will die as soon as the site is pushed live.

Best wishes to the C5 community.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ben,
I'm glad you enjoy using my Popup Pro block.

I'd like to point out that if you find any bugs and report them in a support ticket we will address them quickly for you. Some of the points you raised are the first time I've heard of them.

Also we are in the process of going over our older addons to fix issues introduced by newer browsers (such as the editor interface in Firefox) and newer features of c5 that didn't exist at the time the addon was created (such as fileset sorting). I have over 30 addons in the marketplace and take considerable time to create screenshots, demos and even video demonstrations for my addons. There are about 3 older ones (including Slider Overlay) that don't have videos. I agree that they will benefit from videos, but most of my c5 development time goes into creating new addons that benefit the c5 community. I also dedicate time each day to answer any questions that come through and answer tickets within 24hrs which isn't always the norm for c5 developers unfortunately. The ideas of getting hundreds of dollars worth of development for just $15 is still excellent value for customers. And I take great pride in ensuring each customer has a great experience purchasing my addons. I have over 13 years web development experience so there's no lack of skills in the addons I produce.

But I do take all genuine feedback seriously and even add in new features even if I'm not making much profit on the addons as I deeply care about providing an excellent experience. If you look at the reviews on all my addons you'll see they are overwhelmingly positive not just because of te quality and care that goes into creating them, but also dedication to support.

In fact, I'm on a train ride in Legoland with my family as I write this on my phone. So that is just an example of the lengths I go to to ensure my customers are happy.

If there are any issues with Slider Overlay please open a new support ticket and they will be addressed quickly and in a friendly manner.

whitecliffs replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JB,

Thanks again for your reply and I do hope you are enjoying Legoland (it's hard to imagine how you could not be).

I do hope my comments were received in the correct light and were not interpreted as purely negative. Your slider add-on as stated is certainly very promising and saved me a lot of time over the built in slideshow functionality. I am happy to have paid a small amount of money to get that functionality instantly rather than to have had to code a solution myself.

In hindsight, I may not have even posted anything if Luca (I believe) had not posted and triggered an email alert to me. On the upside at least the couple Firefox issues that I experienced are out there now and I am confident that they will be addressed.

The glass is certainly more than half full rather than half empty as far as I am concerned.

If I notice anything that is worth reporting I certainly will.

jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Ben, I appreciate your feedback. And thank you for choosing my addons.

jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Luca, this is the 3rd place you have posted the same message. If you are genuinely trying to provide me with feedback, I've already read and replied to what you have to say. Just for other folks benefit, here's a copy of my previous response to your points:


Thanks for your feedback Luca, I appreciate your feedback but please don't spam other people's support tickets. That's not ok.

File Attributes are a fairly commonly used feature in C5 with plenty of doco on the c5 site on how to use it. But anyone who has questions receives fast, friendly assistance from me.

The majority of my addons have in depth video demonstrations to help customers. Slider Overlay is one if the few which don't.

I disagree that the addon is incomplete as hundreds of other c5 members are happy using it. And there are no plans to change the price. But I'm am already in the process of going over my older addons to add support for newer c5 features like fileset sorting. News on this will be announces on our twitter page - @c5extras
larese replied on at Permalink Reply
Dear Jb1, All this words to say: I will not upate and fix the add-on. I await you on a practical side. Thanx to let me know yo are in Legoland: I still like to go with my family, but I don't have enough money, you know, I'm a poor italian webmaster and we all suffer a big crysis...
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
You can read that any way you wish, but if you request a new feature it doesn't guarantee it will be added in a particular timeframe. This is differer from a bug fix. But I hope that you can see from my message that I do are about my customers and I do care about my addons. So if you wish to believe otherwise, there's not much else I can do to change your mind.

If you are trying to imply that I'm super rich because of sales from my c5 addons, that isn't the case. Most of my income comes from my separate full service web development business that has been running for over 7 years. I hope that you have great success with your business too.
whitecliffs replied on at Permalink Reply

I am sorry that my comments in reply to the first message may have contributed to further comments.

I personally would suggest that this forum is not the appropriate place for such comments and apologise for any part that I may have played by posting my initial comments that were too satirical (in hindsight) though I would like to think still in good faith.

larese replied on at Permalink Reply
I still think that if you're selling an add-on it should be tested and perfectly working: if I have to trick to get it work, that's not good.
I was unlucky to buy just one of the three that - like jb1 said - doesn't have a video tutorial.
And, my dear Jb1 (name and surname?):
Look, you believe that everything it's a business. I believe that also a public role, helping people for nothing, it's still an important deal. That's the reason why, in the last 15 years, I've been cooperating in many open source software projects FOR FREE.

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