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Review posted by stonereptiles on at

Lack of Support

Hopefully they went on vacation, but have had the add-on for a week now. Never worked out of the box, unsure if it's due too my theme. But got zero tech support.
Very possible this is a dead add-on. Not supported any more. Sadly no way to get my money back from C5 evenw hen they sell crap add-ons like this.
Review posted by ddauwg on at

Sliding Login Panel

This a very nice login option at a great price! It works exactly as described and the option of having either or both Login and Registration on the panel is awesome!

Things to be aware of:
- To change the "welcome" information on the far left you will need to edit code. There is currently no option to edit this area from
the dashboard.
- The current version does not degrade gracefully in a responsive theme.
- It does not follow the Login Destination settings that are set in the dashboard. Once logged in you remain on the page you logged in from.

Overall I am still giving this 4 stars because it is a fantastic login option with tons of potential.


Before 1.1

Review posted by py2k66 on at

Sliding Login

Very elegant neat alternative to login and registration (displays both or just login by choice) thank you.


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