Version History

1.4.7 - Added option to open page in a new window.

1.4.6 - Modified popup script support.

1.4.5 - Added support for File Set ordering via dashboard.

1.4.4 - Added support for PHP 5.4

1.4.3 - Added information in the Help tab explaining the best settings for Smooth Scroller.

- Also added form validation to avoid DB errors.

1.4.2 - Added option to pause scroll on mouse hover.

- Modified "Scroll Delay" field to "Scroll Speed".

1.4.1 - Added Page Selector on Custom Image list.

1.4 - Added support for text scrollable items. - Added support for FF block interface display - Rewording for option notes - Minor fix on javascript order which causes error on some browsers

1.3.2 - Improved Block user interface

      - Added note for "Always (no hotspots)" option

      - Improved script runtime

1.3.1 - Minor formatting tweaks

1.3 - Added lightbox (with file description), captions & link to URL, plus gap between images

1.2 - Bug fix to eliminate Javascript error. Manually setting JS in head in specific order now.

1.0 - Initial Release