Q: The Smooth Scroller has pushed out the width of my page considerably, what should I do?
A: It is likely that your site's theme uses a percentage width (also called "liquid width") for the area that you've placed the Smooth Scroller into, so it automatically adjusts based on the user's browser/screen resolution. This can cause problems for the Smooth Scroller as it requires a fixed width and will typically take up the full width of the assigned editable area. In this case, it's recommended to adjust your theme to use a fixed width. If you get stuck with this, just submit a support request and we will help.

Q: The Smooth Scroller isn't scrolling.
A: You must add a sufficient number of images to the sequence so at least 1 photo is located outside the visible area. Otherwise, it's got nowhere to scroll.




None - Choose this if you don't want any auto scrolling.
On Start - Using "On Start" the scrolling will start automatically after the page has loaded and scroll according to the method you've selected using the Scroll Direction option. When the user moves the mouse over the left or right hot spot or uses the mousewheel the auto scroll will stop. After that the scrolling will only be triggered by the hot spots or the mousewheel.
Always (no hot spots) - If set to "Always" - the hot spots are disabled alltogether and the scrollable area will only scroll automatically.

Visible Hot Spots:

The Hot Spots are the arrows that are shown on the left and right of the scrollable item.
None - This will make the hot spot backgrounds invisible all the time.
On Start - Makes the hot spot backgrounds visible for 5 seconds directly after the page has loaded, then they become invisible.
Always - Hot spot backgrounds are visible all the time.

Scroll Speed:

Sets the number of milliseconds between each scroll step. A larger number will make scrolling slower since the scrolling will wait longer before taking the next step. If you'd compare scrolling with an animated movie, this option would be the equivalent of the number of frames per second in the movie.

Text Box (for v1.4+)

To have the best result put all the text in one line (without break points) and the items should be twice as wide as the scrollable area to have that marquee feel.


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