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Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

Smooth Sailing Satisfcation

Smooth Scroller is simply a satisfactory solution. Easy to configure with nice set of options. I also like the fact that is responsive out-of-the-box, making design a lot smoother. I recommend this one.
Review posted by fruchttres on at

Great one

For my own website-project smooth scroller is the most important add-on! I've tried some other add-ons - galleries and sliders - for showing my pictures, but smooth scroller stayed on top of my hitlist until the end. I'm happy with it
Review posted by Adreco on at

Client Loves It

Very intuitive to use... minimal or no training needed... flawless performance.
Review posted by Powerhousedynamics on at

Smooth Scroller works perfectly out of the box, and has great support!

The only thing I did was change the speed. Instant success for my client! Didn't need support, but I hear it's also top notch.

Now I've tried support, and JZ updated the add-on based on my request. You can't get better than that!
Review posted by waltersc on at

Smooth Scroll is smotth

Great and simple to install. Very fast support responses.
Review posted by witwag on at


Fast, stable, cross-browser functional and so easy my 2 years old daughter could use it.
Review posted by nourishu on at

Excellent Add-on and Support!

The features of this add-on certainly bring more sparks to my website and jb is so patient and helpful to make sure that I understand how to implement it properly. Thank you jb!

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