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i purchased this add-on and it's great! i was wondering if there's a possibility that i can change it to "manual scrolling" instead of hotspots and/or automatic scrolling? ('cause that's what my customer wants on his site ...)
tanx in advance for any hint in this direction!! :-)

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
The closest this thing has is clicking a link to jump to a certain "slide" (image). You will need to know some basic jQuery. Here's an example JS snippet:

$("#myscrollerid").smoothDivScroll("moveToElement", "number", 2);

And the HTML code would be:
<a href="#" id="my2link">Jump to image 2</a>

You can see the full list of available public JS methods at:

I also have another add-on which makes it easier to create your own custom "previous" and "next" links like you're describing. See more at:

Hope this helps.

trankgrappa replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks allready for the answer. :-)

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