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I just picked up this scroller the other day, and am so far pretty happy with it. But it _could_ be better.
One problem I noticed is that if you point it at a set, and that set contains anything other than images, an error is generated and gets scrolled by along with everything else. My simple hack was to add

if($resizedfilename == null) continue;

at line 105 in /packages/jb_smooth/blocks/jb_smooth/view.php

Ideally, non-images would be skipped when constructing the image list from the file set.

Also, a nice feature would be an option to insert some whitespace between the images. I have not attempted this yet, but it doesn't seem too difficult.

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, thanks for purchasing this add-on as well your feedback. It is a good point - I had never actually thought of the concept that someone would add a non-image to the fileset. I'm guessing a lot of banner/gallery blocks in the C5 marketplace would behave similarly (and not filter out non-images). But it would help to make it more "bulletproof".

I think you should be able to add whitespace between images using some CSS in your site theme. Just add the following class:

.scrollableArea img{padding:0px 10px;}

Hope this helps.


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