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Before 1.3

Review posted by lesccseh on at

fast and friendly support

ran into an issue where IIS didn't like the + sign in the google+ icon name. all replies were very quick, and there is already an update available.

Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you, I hope you will be satisfied with the product. Don't hesitate to contact me again if needed.

1.3 -

Review posted by enlil on at

Social Sharing Necessity

Add-on is very solid. Customizable isn't the right word for it. Share your profile from virtually EVERY network available. If it doesn't exist, simply create a custom network!

Support and response time for a small bug I encountered was more than exceptional. mnakalay had an update ready about 10 minutes after responding to my request!

1.3.4 -

Review posted by rayjohn66 on at

A super social icon addon with lots of features!

Although this was not set up for exactly how I wanted to use it, I could see that it could do all I wanted it to do, and more. The developer has helped me customize it a bit, which is actually reining back some display features. It worked perfectly for the way it was designed.

The help is good, but do think it should be in the addon

A fine addon indeed, very SEO friendly.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you. It's always interesting to see what users do with an add-on.

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