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Review posted by suastiastu on at

Happy Camper

Could do with a little bit of documentation relevant to each service - ege what is the redirect ZURI expected by facebook
Response by hanicker on at
Hi, sorry for this really late reply.

While adding a provider, eg. Facebook, you will be able to see the callback url that should be set on Facebook

Review posted by viDigital on at

Great product and awesome support!

This works exactly as described and is really simple to set up. I was trying to do a tricky implementation of the add-on and I received great support.
Review posted by rlirons on at

Great Support

Long story short..the original file had a few issues, probably because of my host. I messaged Hanicker and had a reply fast! He worked with me through the problem and made everything right! Excellent support and excellent product! Very valuable! Thanks again Hanicker!
Review posted by jvermeer on at

In development of multi-user/permission applications

For the purposes of developing mulity-user applications where the developer is rapidly switching user roles, this add-on is awesome.

My single gmail account can be augmented with the + symbol, so my gmail address is [email protected] My fb address is [email protected], twitter is [email protected]
It allows me to easily differentiate email by source, but ...

When I use the Social Login Plugin, I can use my social media accounts to create test users. One-click to login, one click to logout.

It will be a must-have for future projects.
Review posted by jvermeer on at

Very Happy with a few suggestions....

I really like this product... It is incredibly straightforward and it took me mere minutes to add google, FB connect and twitter logins to my site.

My suggestions are as follows:
It would be great if the G/FB/Tw links showed as images instead of plain text, just for sizzle, but that is also easily remedied.

Second, Once a user has used a service to login, I would greatly appreciate an option where I can hide the "Disassociate from" options. Reason: If a user connects with FB connect, it captures their FB registered email address. If I then disassociate the account, I will not be able to login to the account with FB connect, but instead have to retrieve my password, login manually and then relink the accounts. Granted this is how the system is designed but I am envisioning a future where my less-than-savvy user base will start delinking their accounts and then run into login issues... Hardly a show-stopper but a fruitful option, unless you are bound to provide the option of delink under various SDK licenses....
Response by hanicker on at
Hi, thanks for your feedback.

Just one suggestion, you can easily use images instead of plain text by setting the "icon" template for the social login block (click on the block->set template).

That will also hide disassociate option.

Let me know if you have any problem.

Best regards
Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

Excellent Member Registration Solution

I have used this on a couple sites, and it has proven to work very well, and is a great way to encourage users to instantly register on your site! This is a great solution for encouraging and building loyal traffic to your site.

The support was fast, and this addon was simple to set up!

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