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Review posted by kimstone on at

Did exactly what I needed.

Great product!!

Perfect for a Bio Page in which a user needed to display an image.

Used in conjunction with Front End File Manager add-on to display the image. Most significantly, I incorporated the uber powerful Magic Data add-on to provide 'on page' add/delete functionality for future user based editing. With John's support we created a Magic Data token to designate a target file with user based permissions.

All three products, created by JohntheFish worked in conjunction beautifully. I can't say enough about John's support. He responded to each inquiry promptly, and sensing my urgency he even proactively let me know his availability to help in the future. John made me look like a superstar to my client. Thanks, John!!
Review posted by laaaamb on at

Works well with John's other add-ons

John used this add-on in conjunction with Front End Fileset Tools, Front End File Uploader, Front End Attribute Editor and Magic Data (all of which are John’s add-ons) to build me an upload system for users to add, edit and delete a number of photos and corresponding descriptions.

Using this add-on in conjunction with FEFU and FEFT and Magic Data the photos that users upload are displayed in a grid matching the order of photos uploaded. The lighbox is very slick and the whole thing works very quickly given that it's handling 16 large images. It was easy to style a custom template using one of the several templates included.

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