Version History

- Fix Logger dependency issue in 8.4.5+.

- Fix pagination bug if there are more than 20 items.

- Improve displaying the execution time between events.

- Set max number of reports to 75. If more are needed, it can be adjusted via a config setting.
- Fix t-string for Localization class.
- Fix various PHP notices (thanks mlocati).
- Listen to on_block_output event.

- Add toggle button to easily enable and disable Speed Analyzer.

- Various code and performance improvements.
- Implement a hard limit of 1000 reports in case add-on is misconfigured.

- Allow dashboard pages to be tracked as well. This is configurable and by default disabled.

- Add information about current realpath_cache_size.
- Add warning if opcache.validate_timestamps is enabled.
- Add information about OPcache used and free memory.

- Add section with suggestions for packages that can improve loading times.

- Add section with information about the geo location of the server.
- Add help tooltips for OPcache and Xdebug.
- Make checks / warnings colored.

- Add Diagnosis page with details about concrete5, PHP, MySQL versions.
- Remove empty canvas HTML element.

- Add vertical line annotations to the graph.

- Approved by PRB.
- Add all concrete5 events to a category.
- Add help text for on_header_required_ready event.

- Organize events in event categories.
- Add colored badges with event category to the report details table.
- Add colored points to the graph.

- Show request method on report detail page.
- Add 'Copy to clipboard' functionality to queries dialog.
- Swap query details columns.

- Store the request method, e.g. GET or POST.
- Show request method in Reports table.

- Add setting to only write a report is the request took longer than x-ms.

- Store whether request was an AJAX request or not.
- Store the request URI along with the report.
- Add setting to enable tracking AJAX requests.
- Add AJAX column to Reports table.
- Add Request URI to Reports table.
- Format date in Reports table.
- Add Request URI and AJAX info to details page.

- Move dashboard pages higher in the dashboard tree.

- Replace Request::getInstance() with container alternative.
- Add setting to overwrite Reports, by default this setting is disabled.
- Make sure 'Settings' button on Reports page is always visible.
- Move the getSqlQuery method to a dedicated class.
- Move various classes to namespaced folders.

- Show total query execution time in Report details table.
- Add a dialog to display queries and the total execution time.

- Add setting to log SQL queries.
- Add Queries table in database.
- Show number of queries in Report details table.

- Remove Reports of a certain user when the user is deleted. (#gdpr)
- Show 20 Reports by default (instead of 10).
- Add help text for on_user_login event.
- Improve help text on_page_view event.

- Don't save tracking information to the session anymore, use singleton instead.

- Add 'Settings' and 'Reports' buttons to quickly navigate between pages.
- Add performance notice to Settings page if application is in production environment.
- Add help text for on_logger_create event.

- Add page name to report database data to make sorting possible.
- Add server side sorting to Reports table.
- Add icons to datatable headings.
- Sort by Report Date (DESC) by default.

- Allow firing on_speed_analyzer_track event without any arguments:

- Only enable Speed Analyzer via config setting if it's installed for the first time.

- Add on_speed_analyzer_track event.
- Add help for on_speed_analyzer_track event.
- Improve displaying events with payload as array in graph and table.
- When a report is regenerated, the guid changes, causing a 'Report not found'
for a page. This is now fixed by also looking for a report by page id.

- Add setting to allow overriding the EventDispatcher.
- Remove FPC requirement for install, but add it as a warning on the reports page.
- Remove help icon if there is no help text for a certain event.
- Remove showing outliers with standard deviation. (no bell shaped distribution)
- Add click event to points in the graph, to scroll to the table.
- Add help tooltips to settings.
- Toggle visibility of 'Custom Events' field depending on EventDispatcher setting.

- Fix array_merge issue if no config is set.

- Add setting to add custom events.
- Trigger 'on_speed_analyzer_started' when package has started.
- Fix help text about 'on_before_dispatch' event.
- Add help text about 'on_speed_analyzer_started' event.
- Use 'director' instead of EventDispatcherInterface.

- Add 'Visit Home page' button if no reports have been generated yet.
- Add help information for 'on_locale_load' event.
- Fix CSS issue that outliers weren't red because of the Bootstrap table stripes.
- Add setting that could enable generating a report when a page is in Edit Mode.
- Use EventDispatcherInterface instead of EventDispatcher in constructor.
- Prevent tracking if page is in edit mode or if user is in dashboard area.

- Don't use native SESSION object.
- Add preinstall condition for Full Page Caching.
- Make sure tables are deleted properly.
- Change min. compatibility to 8.2.1.

- Initial PRB submission.