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Whenever I add this add-on and activate it, the website go down and gets error "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS"

Please help.. using 8.1.0 couldn't paste the environment details as the website is not reachable...

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Fanflame replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you ever get a fix for this as my site totally crashed and I had to get the support team to reload the previous nights back-up.

I have tried everything I know as has the support team to get SSL working but to no avail and I have once again rolled it back to a back-up from 3 days ago - most frustrated and disappointed with a dosing of angry contempt too.

So if you were able to fix your what did you do?

Many thanks

concrete5cojp replied on at Permalink Reply
Please delete config file to get back your site as before.

Then, try to change the settings it works correctly.

When redirecting goes wrong, the reason is in your server side in most cases.
Fanflame replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello concrete5cojp

I have checked and neither of those files exist and neither do the folders:


Fire away I am awaiting your instruction!

Thank you for answering the call...


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