Stack Manager ´Used By´

Find out were a stack is used on your website


When you change or delete a stack, it's not always clear what the implications will be on your site.

With Stack Manager, you can now check were on your site a stack is used.

After selecting a stack in Stack Manager, you will see the button 'Used By'. If you click it, you will get a dialog pop-up like the next picture.


You will get a list of the blocks that use your stacks. It also will tell on what page and area they are on. The following info is available:

  • Page - The page where the stack is used
  • Version - The version ID and name of the page (not the block or the stack)
  • Approved - Approval status of the page
  • Area - The area where the stack is used
  • bID - The Block ID. (Can be usefull for developers)
  • Blocktype - The type of the block. This can be a normal stack (Stack Display) or some custom block
  • Stacklist - If a block holds more than one stack, (eg. a Stack Randomizer), the other stacks can be listed here.


You can (un)hide older page versions on the report.


Custom block support

Not all block types are compatible with Stack Manager. And those blocks won´t be found by ´Used By´.

If you use an add-on that doesn't work with 'Used By', please contact me to see if i can add it. I might need a licence of the add-on to add it to Stack Manager then.

Also, it is possible for developers to make their own blocks compatible with Stack Manager. See here or the readme.txt file included with the package.