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Review posted by Juanito12 on at

Excellent Add-on with powerful features / Excelente complemento

I needed to display advertising and information in my site in a different way, and this add-on with his great features does the job and a bit more.

Very very recommended
Review posted by stressdesign on at

Great Add-on for Special Announcements and Alerts

Our client needed an easy way to make site announcement for closings, or special events. Stack-Popover allows them to have a library of announcement ready to use.

Put the the block in a global area and Stack Pop Over works site-wide. Brilliant!

Before 1.0.0

Review posted by Fruitfulfriend on at

Helpful and easy Add-on

Great add-on, especially for special offers or to win newsletter subscribers. It´s easy and useful in a lot of different ways.

1.0.0 -

Review posted by JoeFinucan on at

Stack PopOver - Great Solution

I was looking for a way to dynamically display a form on page without using up too much space. Stack PopOver was the perfect solution.
Review posted by servondesign on at

Stack PopOver

Wanted a quick way to add pop over (our developer was busy), and it worked a treat. Thanks

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