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Review posted by lackadaize on at

Great Add-on

Was quite happy with this add-on. Great if you want add static socials or anything really. buy with confidence.
Review posted by evavra on at

Great Add-on & Great Support

The developer (jb1) answered my pre-sale question promptly AND offered to test it out to make sure his Static Footer add-on would work with my customized Slate theme. His test produced positive results, so I purchased the add-on and found it very simple to work with. Recommended!
Review posted by MANAGER2 on at

A Static Footer adds 3d visual dimension

I guess by adding a footer close up visualy and playing with the graphic layouts and themes dimensionally into depth, it sort of creates a 3d effect and augment the primary focal point. Whaterver that may be, products etc. Also, when it helps create that 3d depth visual, i think it makes any site much more inviting. Why? because you are looking into the windows and not at the screen... Yeah, its well worth the price. Functional, well done, easy to plug in.

btw, just wondering how hard it would be to have it with flash cards with text come up from behind it? ...also, can it be doubled up with a twin off to the side? i know it sounds like im looking for a buy get 1 free type deal Eh! no just curious. Good job mate.
Review posted by madeforspace on at

If you need a Static Footer look no further...

Fantastically useful block. Very versatile and well crafted.
Rapid response to support questions.

Another great block from JB

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