Version History

v3.11: fixed IE11 browser detection bug, and uninstall/install error when warnings were enabled  

v3.08: updated ip2nation.sql to latest version of library so that ip addresses could more accurately maps to countries

v3.07: add slashes to js tracker script for french translation bug 

v3.06: concrete5.6 compatibility 

v3.05: added cookie tracking of uID for displaying user name when someone hasn't logged in 

v3.03: page_url_short sql error fix when value too long, increased size for column in DB 

v3.02: added check to see if DashboardHomepageView exists before calling it in the uninstall method.  This class was removed in concrete5.5. 

v3.01: added t() where it was missing for translations 

v3.0: Updated for concrete5.5. Now uses google maps, no API key required.  Added searchability and paging to Pages and Site Discovery panels.  Added Events section to Pages panel.   

v2.42: updated user platforms to capture common mobile devices

v2.40: deleted user object not found bug fix.

v2.39: increased memory limit on excel export

v2.38: fixed cached days edge case issue

v2.37: fixed excel export data issue

v2.33: cache month increment check

v2.2: added average time on site, average page views per visit, bounce rate, returning user %, returning users' visit number, and made the display panels movable & collapsible. Panels can also now be added to the stats display by other packages.

v2: a bunch of new features & fixes:

Added countries tracking, with country flags & world map.

Added ability to ignore traffic based on user group/IP/domain.

Added outbound link tracking

When refreshing stats display, it now automatically opens to the last viewed panels

Choose how many results you want each panel to display

Code optimization & caching (by day as well as month now) for snappier loading with bigger sites

Made it easier to integrate with other blocks, for tracking your own custom events: