Version History

v1.0.1 Changes:
- Russian translation added

v1.0.0 Release

v0.9.7 Changes
- wrapped form string in t() + added font-size style
- added trim() to both form jQuery validation and controller validation()

v0.9.6 Changes
- removed html from label in form.php

v0.9.5 Changes
- removed caching, image is now saved in DB

v0.9.4 Changes
- reverted back to v0.9.2 functionality without TTF

v0.9.3 Changes
- changed simple string to TTF string for better customizing
- improved image sizing based on text size
- added cache status for testing, will be deleted before release

v0.9.2 Changes
- commented out code deleted
- image caching added
- note added to description for requiring GDLib

v0.9.1 PRB comments incorporated

v0.9.0 For PRB review