Style Quickie is the quickest, safest and easiest way to add CSS and LESS styles. The built in editor and LESS/CSS compiler and validation help prevent mistakes. The built in edit mode protection prevents your styles from conflicting with the C5 page editor and dashboard.

  • Styles added to page header so pass W3 page validation
  • Built in CSS validation
  • Built in LESS compiler
  • Syntax highlighting editor
  • Block folding
  • Undo/Redo
  • Easy checkbox inclusion of popular CSS and LESS resources
  • Simple extension for further resources
  • Quick links for resource help
  • Quick links for resource source files
  • Disable/enable styles in C5 edit mode
  • Enable/disable individual Style Quickie blocks
  • Globally disable all Style Quickie blocks through the dashboard
  • Optional diagnostic output
  • Multiple Style Quickie blocks on a page
  • Compatible with Global Areas for site wide styles
  • Compatible with Stacks for common groups of styles
  • Version management of styles through the block versions
  • Extensive documentation page.

Style Resources

Checkbox inclusion of CSS and LESS resources includes:

  • The Concrete5 app CSS
  • All Bootstrap LESS provided with Concrete5

More styles are provided in a separate Style Quickie resources bundle add-on. Further styles will be added to resources bundles upon popular request, or you can easily add your own resources bundles by following the simple package structure.

Editor and Validation

Style Quickie integrates with the LESS compiler for CSS validation and LESS compilation and uses the Ace syntax editor to provide the development environment. Long complex style sheets are best developed using an offline editor before copying into Style Quickie for refinement and testing on a Concrete5 page.