Customizing Superfish -  an article explaining how to adjust transparency, arrows, borders and drop shadow properties for the Superfsh add-on.

Disable linking to particular pages

To disable a certain page's link, just set a Don't Link in Navigation custom attribute on the page. You can do this by putting the page in edit mode, then clicking Properties > Custom Attributes. Select "Dont Link In Navigation" from the dropdown, check the new checkbox that appears, and click Save.

This is useful for making your top-level pages act as categories that aren't landing pages themselves-- while still letting the child pages be clickable as usual.

Creating custom menus

The superfish block works like the default autonav block in that it picks pages based on how they show up in your sitemap.  It is possible to create a custom menu by using "aliases": internal links concrete5 can create so you can have one page be linked in multiple places.

  1. Create a page in your sitemap called "custom menu".  Click the page and choose "properties" and add the "Exclude from nav" attribute to this page.
  2. Drag pages you want in the menu to this page.  When the "move page" dialog comes up, choose the "alias" option.  Now when you "visit" this alias beneath custom menu, you will go to the original page.
  3. Return to your site.  Now when you add the block to your page, you can choose to display pages "beneath a certain page". If you choose "custom menu" for the page, it will show the aliases that you created.

Using Superfish with Greek Yogurt

If you're using the Greek Yogurt theme on your site, you might notice some odd spacing between menu items and other issues with how Superfish looks. This is because Greek Yogurt is a little "greedy" or "strongly typed" and has a few rules that interfere. Luckily you can deploy a custom override for your site that corrects these issues.

Download and extract the archive. Place all the files and folders inside at (your site root)/blocks/superfish and you should be all set.

If you're not familiar with overrides in concrete5, check out Change Things Without Hurting Anything: Overrides.

Thanks to mkly for putting together the override.