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Review posted by Dulie on at


It's almost perfect... but Is there any way to differentiate the background color of the Tab on the current page in order to indicate which page you are visiting?
Thanks in advance!
Review posted by KaiTrallafitti on at

Well done

Great, it`s exactly that I was looking for, saved me a lot of time
Review posted by jackbasting on at

nice add-on

Nice add-on and simple to modify. Easy to use.
Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Killer little add-on

Great addon and great price. This is great to satisfy the clients that keep adding to their navbar. Slap this in and problem solved. Love It!!
Review posted by imJack on at

Nice add-on for the money

Does what its suppose to and had no issues at all. Would recommend, and will use for additional clients. Well done, as usual.
Review posted by casuto on at

Not working as I had hoped

Not working as promised. The layout of my sub nav is spaced out too big, the second level nav shows up OVER the previous level, there is some strange line on the left of the button and it has a transparent background. It's all messed up. Hoping to either get some real help or want to refund asap. see screenshot.
Response by mkly on at
Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Take a look at the support request you sent in and let me know if that custom template helps with your particular site and theme.

Best Wishes,
Review posted by anchoredbutterfly on at


Not too difficult to customize. Good value for money. Too bad this isn't in the core.
Review posted by RafaelGP on at


Would love to know how to edit the CSS... Any ideas?
Response by julia on at
We'd be happy to help you out with this. Please post details in our support area, and we'll get back to you soon. Here's the link:
Review posted by bojanm on at

Not bad

Just not bad
Review posted by scdesign on at

Easy to use and looks great

Great add-on, client loved it and was able to use it themselves with ease. Thanks very much, highly recommend!
Review posted by medicimedicine on at

Solid add-on

It is great out of the box, but a bit harder to customize (beyond the included block menu options) than I expected it would be. For some reason I've had a bit more difficulty with figuring out which part it what in the css.
If you are looking for a simple, out of the box solution and aren't as worried about overhauling the customization, then this is a 5 Star product.
Review posted by avary on at

Easy To Use For Beginners - Nice Vertical Menu Direction Display

Superfish add-on works great and is easy to use. Easy to change colors and alignment. I needed it for a specific display using the vertical menu direction in the sidebar of certain sections of my site and it looks fabulous! Thanks for a wonderful and easy to use add-on concrete5!
Review posted by Yola on at

The solution for menu problems

I tried several other recommendations for creating dropdown menus but they involved coding I only half understood and/or did not do the trick. I could have saved myself a lot of time by spending the $15 for this addon right at the start. All ran smoothly, and I made some changes in the style without any problems.

Highly recommended!
Review posted by synlag on at

Like it

Makes it easy to create a dropdown, should be somewhat in the core ;)
Thanks for the work and the continuous updates!
Review posted by citytech2 on at

Great time saver add-on for C5

I like this add-on very much. It helps me a lot to make a dropdown menu so easily.
Review posted by BHWW on at

Smooth and simple.. trickier to customise...

As others have mentioned this is a great addon and easy to use unless you want to make it look like you want its a little clumsy to customise the appearance. Thanks
Review posted by clintre on at

Good system for the price

Code is a little messy with CSS all over the place. However it works quite well and is well worth the price.
Review posted by Casemon on at

Addon is a great time saver!

Had considered just rolling my own, since suckerfish is open source and concrete5 API is pretty accessible, but you guys went the extra mile adding more functionality than I would have! haha

Definitely worth the price! :)

That said, would like to see more customization options, especially for CSS. Like an option to say "let me handle all CSS" with the default CSS available to copy and paste in my .css.
Review posted by gaileder on at

Great Add On

Easy to install and use. I have not tried to do anything fancy with it yet and I see there are some comments on difficulties but the basic product is just great
Review posted by globalnerds on at

Hard to customize

If you are going to use this add on as is without ANY customization, it is not bad. But most developers would want some customization, for example having the nav bar the same length as the header and/or body of the site. If you do try to change the spacing the arrows for buttons that have sub-pages don't look correct.

I am a very experienced CSS / PHP coder and I still had problems with the look of this add on.

If you are not VERY familiar with CSS, this is NOT the add on for you
Review posted by joshuaP on at

Outstanding Add-On

This menu system installed without a hitch and blended right in to our website with very little work. I haven't asked about this so it is not a gripe but just that I've noticed the CSS and PHP combo used in this is pretty gnarly, making simple changes seem to require quite a bit of work and code chasing.
Review posted by shadowcomputers on at

Adding navigation menus has never been so easy

Nice and easy to install and use - makes creating facy navigation menus nice and simple.
Review posted by globalnerds on at

Easy to use

This was easy to use, easy to set up, and looks great!
Review posted by chemmett on at

Works Great

Works exactly like we needed it to!
Review posted by tuffey on at

Easy to use and quick to setup

I was turned off to the price at first but after biting the bullet and installing Superfish. Took less then five minutes to place the needed vertical and horizontal menu bars. I do wish we had a few more options for customizable styles other than that. I feel this is a very strong add on to have.
Review posted by chico on at

Works perfectly but causes Validation-Error

A useable addon, works perfectly, but due to <style>-tag in body section HTML is not valid. Hope it will be adapted in future.
Nevertheless its worth its price.
Review posted by gothold on at

great add-on, timely support

still new to C5, but with a little help from the author I was able to quickly adapt superfish to my needs. Recommended!
Review posted by rritz on at

great menu

easy to use and customize, even for a geek like me, great support, would buy it again always
Review posted by digirunt on at

Great customisable menu

Nice looking menu, integrates well into any site thanks to customisable styles available when adding the block.
Had some difficulty adding it directly into the theme however, in the end opted to add it to the global scrapbook and reference that from the theme. Also if editing the css beyond what the built in options allows it can be quite tricky as it is split up in multiple places but otherwise very pleased... will definitely use this again.
Review posted by cali on at

quite nice

very nice and easy to custom :)
Review posted by sschildbach on at

Links All Pages, Works Perfectly, Hard To Find The CSS

So many sites need dropdown and flyout menus. This block does it flawlessly while linking to concrete5 so well. I don't need the superfish form panel for the "helper" css design, I code css myself; so the one complaint I have is finding how to overwrite the existing css. It is a little confusing how it is so deeply intertwined in the PHP. But, I still have to give this a 5 out of 5 for it's fantastic usefulness and the hours of time it saves me from wracking my brain trying to make my own, or install another dropdown menu that may not work well with Concrete5.
Review posted by dk7 on at

Very Nice

This is my first add on plugged into my first concrete 5 installation. Very fun.
Review posted by pixel8 on at

Great and easy to modify

This is a great add on with all the possibilities you need to make a powerful dropdown - best of all, it is very esay to modify to suit your needs, and support multiple levels of dropdown / flyout! truly worth the money!
Review posted by Rambo789 on at

4.5 Stars Average

This block did not work properly when I first installed it. But, once again, I am very impressed with the Concrete5 tech support team. They had it fixed within 24 hrs. There was a problem with the Theme that I was using; Simple Blue. But, they did get it to work with the theme. It works great now! I am giving the block a 4 out of 5 stars because it did not work initially. I am giving the Concrete5 team a 5 out of 5 stars because of their competence and quick response.
Review posted by poleman1 on at

Great add on

This is a definite plus to any site. Awesome job!!!!
Review posted by myFullFlavour on at

Works seamlessly

This is one of the best concrete5 add-ons you can buy here.

Installing onto our new website as I write this.
Review posted by mikebhobbs on at

Great Job!!

This is Awesome Thank You! Works just like I want.

Question - What css file would I need to open in order to remove the white border around the menu boxes?

Thank You for Concrete5!
Review posted by beeman89045 on at

Works Great

Using on and tweak styling to my liking. It's easy to adjust across an entire site if you just comment out the "block's CSS" directives inside view.php then add your own to your theme.

One note on the index.php issue. Tony addressed this in a related post on Superfish and Pretty ULRS:

(Following this minor change, you can see they work perfectly fine on the site above.)

Review posted by hostco on at

Perfect. Missing 1 very important thing!

Now finally noticing it does not work with "pretty url function".

It does not get rid of "index.php" in the url.

Hopefully that will be updated soon. If you care about that function, dont get it just yet.

Besides that, being able to center the text would be very nice as well.

Besides those two things, this thing is awesome!!
Review posted by graphxks on at

Awesome addition to concrete5

Works as advertised. Excellent add-on.
Review posted by loggedoff on at

Good start

This is a good start, but seems problematic for anyone that wants to manage the look on a sitewide basis. It uses inline styles for much of the look instead of CSS so it is difficult to tweak for the whole site.

Here's to hoping for a quick version 2 or even better, hoping I am missing something simple
Review posted by maar on at

Great nav bar. Missing one function!

This is just what I was looking for. But it is missing one function (the capabillity to choose "Automatic width" according to text length. Would like this alot!
Review posted by olay on at


This works great out of the box...

But a shame not to have the Superfish Nav-Bar option

Maybe in a later version?
Review posted by frz on at

long awaited, very handy

man we been promisin this for ever...

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