Posted by DonDeMaio on
Franz, this screencast is incredibly herky-jerky, at least on my machine (Mac PowerPC, FIOS connection). The first several sentences, in particular, are unintelligible. You might want to look into it.

Posted by SteveAtParadigm on
Yeah, video playback is jerky here, too. Even after it's fully downloaded.
Posted by mliving on
Nice Nav Block.

I'd like to see a similar block to allow you to create image rollover menus. Being able to select image on, image off and image over states (images).
Posted by sappo on
I aggree with the post above. It is an excellent Add-on and i shall definately be using it. But to be able to use bg images for the nav and also cente align would be awsome!
Posted by QuantumInformation on
seems worth buying
Posted by jvirtuel on
Hello, is it possible to apply it in admin??, untead having to click on the button of main menu then be able to see submenu, i would like it to have drop down menu, it is possible ??? please let me know ASAP i will buy it right away
exelent app
Thank you
Posted by mikebhobbs on
This is awesome! Works out of the box.

Question - What css file would I need to open in order to remove the white border around the menu boxes?

I have been using Concrete5 for less than a week with no php or html skills at all. Check out the site that I am building for my church.
Posted by mobilemp on
Great add on. Buying.
Posted by BoundaryProducts on
Is there tabindex on these buttons, or can it be added for accessibility?
Posted by Dinamicore on
Hi: great work!

Is it possible to customize the active page link, to make it different so a visitor can identify the page he/she is in a the moment?

Posted by abra100pro on
There must be a huge gap between your view of navigation and mine. I cannot figure out what the issue exactly is: In my little world of webdesign and (other) CMSes I used to place a nav like the superfish ONCE (mostly in the template) which then is dynamically in the right state on each page.

I cannot figure out, why I should place the Mainnav of a Site into a block where an editor might even delete it and where I do not have control of it at ONE single place but have to update every page I want to insert it.

Say I buy Superfish for an existing c5-site with 200 pages. Am I supposed to place it on every single page? There must be a deep misunderstanding on my side and I really really ask you kindly to get me on the tracks.

Thanks a lot!

Posted by BigBobbyD on
Alex -

You may have figured this out already, but there are several ways to get a block set-up on every page, two of which are are outlined by Remo here:

Remo deserves a statue or something for his helpful blog and posts in this forum!

In a nutshell, you can set-up a block in your theme templates like this:

One thing that took me a little while to figure out, being a php novice, was that many (all?) blocks contain some sort of a form template. For example, the auto-nav block uses a file called "form_setup_html.php" By checking out the form template you can find all of the configurable variables that the block uses, so you can set these up in your code.
Posted by BigBobbyD on
Oh, snap. Here's that code again:
Posted by BigBobbyD on
$bt_links = BlockType::getByHandle('autonav');
$bt_links->controller->displayPages = 'top';
$bt_links->controller->orderBy = 'display_asc';
$bt_links->controller->displaySubPages = 'none';
Posted by vibraharmonics on
Could this be converted into a double bar system as shown on with small integrated rows, no blocks
Posted by vibraharmonics on
Could this be converted into a double bar system as shown on with small integrated rows, no blocks
Posted by crisplam on
Hi Franz,

What is you already have a horizontal menu (it came with the terminal velocity theme) and want to add a drop down menu. Can you use superfish to add to the current menu or do you have to redo everything?

Please advise. Thanks.
Posted by Adreco on
Say I want to put superfish in a right sidebar on a page. I noticed that with my child pages the menus always fan out to the right. Is there any way of making them fan out towards the left instead?

Posted by celwell on
That background music gets on my nerves.
Posted by nvcs on
Is there any way to get my drop downs to not cover up their parent page when they appear? When scrolled over, the menu covers up the original menu text which was a link to the page in itself. Would like it to work much like the menu on the top of this page...
Posted by designthing on
Nice add-on. But lets say a buyer purchases one of your marketplace themes. Won't this mess up the header-nav styling created by the designer. Is there's a way for a theme designer to have a style in place that can overwrite this add-on if it's ever used, that would be cool. Looks like a great dropdown anyhow. Cheers!
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