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Hi I'm trying to do two things, remove most of the styles form superfish, i just want a very basic dropdown menu and secondly add it to a template like you can with the autonav block.

But doing this creates all kinds of visual issues, anyone know if i'm adding the correct code, also is there a basic version, i don't want the block to be able to select any styles I want all styles controlled by the style sheet with no drop shadow etc...

 $bt_main = BlockType::getByHandle('superfish');
 $bt_main->controller->orderBy = 'display_asc';
 $bt_main->controller->displayPages = 'top';
 $bt_main->controller->displayPagesCID = '1';
 $bt_main->controller->displayPagesIncludeSelf = '0';
 $bt_main->controller->displaySubPages = 'none';
 $bt_main->controller->displaySubPageLevels = 'none';
 $bt_main->controller->displaySubPageLevelsNum = '0';
 $bt_main->controller->displayUnavailablePages = '0';


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ryan replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Check out this thread:
Basically when you pull the block into the template, it doesn't pull in the required css/js files.

Once you get it working, you can start stripping things back to your specific needs.
BHWW replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi Ryan

Ok, i've gotten it working and got most of teh styles, but I can't for the life of me find how to remove the two paddings/margins that space out the li's, please see screen grab.

I've also changed the arrow, to be red and white instead of translucent, however I can't get the white arrow to stay it appears to be linked to the time out, any suggestions? thanks.


ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
You can usually find out what css styles are affecting elements pretty easily using firebug's document inspector for firefox:

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