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add-on support and updates are non-existent

Well, it's now May 2017, I have been attempting to contact the developer with issues regarding this add-on for many months now.

The last response on the support thread by the developer for all the reported issues was in June of 2016. I have sent him private messages through this website but they have gone un-answered.

The google map feature doesn't work correctly without modifying the code to include the new google API key.

I have questions about customizing the search feature etc..

And now I see today that this is a "Featured" add-on in the marketplace. I am having a difficult time understanding the logic behind featuring this add-on that for such a high price ($75) has such a consistently bad support response record.

I'm giving the one star because I have to give at least one to submit the review. I will gladly give a better rating if I get answers and the support that reflects the comparatively high cost of this add-on.

Before 1.0.5

Review posted by TesignDev on at

An Awesome Product

Teal Estates has everything you ever wanted to have in real-estate solution. Strongly recommend,

Review posted by maar on at

Great add-on - Works out of the box, no need to change anything.

This add-on demonstrates how add-ons should be build. It is easy to install, easy configuration and easy to maintain. As of this we decided to translate it to Danish.
Great job...

Concrete5 Danmark

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