Missing asset - featherlight.css

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There is a missing asset referenced /packages/vivid_thumb_gallery/blocks/vivid_thumb_gallery/assets/featherlight.css

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anete replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, I am getting an error too about the featherlight.css file missing from the assets directory. Any response to this?
grafoman replied on at Permalink Reply
Same issue. It's causing a little delay (web speed).
nanook replied on at Permalink Reply
Another "same here" from me.
ion replied on at Permalink Reply
Idem !
StevieB replied on at Permalink Reply
Same here, I am trying to darken the background of the lightbox. In the process of tracking down the code to change I too noticed this file was missing which I am assuming is the place I need to make that change, and probably why the background isn't so dark in the first place.

I know from an issue with another Add-On that alerts from the support are not always getting though. I have messaged the developer directly and hopefully we will get a reply shortly.
grafoman replied on at Permalink Reply
Seems like i fixed it by going tohttp://noelboss.github.io/featherlight/... . Download it and place the featherlight.css file into the assets folder.
ChannelMarkerMedia replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I patched this add-on. Along with other fixes, my version includes the missing featherlight.css.

- Fixed missing asset: featherlight.css
- Included navigation arrows and an X to close the lightbox
- Lightbox is the default template

The zip file is attached.

I am always available for custom coding and add-on modification. Email me: bobby AT channelmarkermedia.com </shameless_self_promotion>

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