Please watch the demonstration video.


Q: Will this work on an iPhone or iPad?
A: Yes. This add-on is cross-browser compatible with all the major web browsers.

Q: Can this be used to allow multiple vote choices instead of just an Up and Down vote?
A: As of now, this add-on only supports 2 choices however we have another add-on that can allow multiple option selection.

Q: Can you embed video on this add-on?
A: You cannot directly embed videos on this add-on unlike the photos. However you can use this add-on to embed anywhere. So what you can do is embed this add-on below your video gallery or any content.

Q: Can I add this inside a Global Area?
A: Yes this can be done. If you are using Thumbs Up in a global area it will automatically be inserted in that Global Area stack. So in the reporting tool if you click the page button, since it's global, it will automatically forward you to the stack editor.

Q: Can I have more than 1 Thumbs Up block on the same page?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Can I prevent a visitor voting more than once?
A: Yes, there are 4 different ways of limiting the frequency of voting for each user (or you can choose to simply allow unlimite votes with no restrictions). It's entirely up to you.

Q: Can I replace the thumbs up widget images with my own?
A: Yes, if you have basic graphic editing skills, you're more than welcome to edit the "sprites" included with the package. They are located within the "/blocks/jb_thumbs_up/css/images" folder within this package.

Q: I want to add this to page defaults, is there a way for it to recognise what page it is on in the 'reports' section?
A: Unfortunately the block passed on as Page Type default is considered as one block meaning there are no unique instances of this block created so basically the page that will be recognised is the Page Type Parent and not the child pages of this page type. 

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