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Review posted by ebooki on at


This Add on is easy to use, but: votes can be manipulatet. :-/. Delete Cookies and you can vote again. delete cookies and vote.. get a new ip and you can vote.. only vote a user will work.. for my votings this will not work. sorry for that.. i dont use it again, because i lost money with this voting system on my page.. i hope this add on will get update to fix this problem.
for not commercial use this add on will work fine.

----> Sorry I did not criticize the addon. The addon itself is very good. Only it can unfortunately be very easily circumvented. Therefore you should only use the addon, if there is no money to win. Everything else is top work as always with your Addons!
So do not misunderstand my review but my English is not so good
Response by jb1 on at
There is a deliberate reason why we have included multiple methods for limiting voting and providing those options to users so they can make a choice when setting up competitions.
Any type of competition system that limits entries per user must employ some method for identifying users: cookies, ip address, user account, email address, Facebook id, etc. All have their own security limitations. And all can be bypassed with sufficient knowledge.
This is not a limitation of the addon but Web browsers in general. It's worth getting a better understanding of how browsers and the internet works before criticising this addon.
Review posted by Ekko on at

Very nice and easy to setup

Absolutely perfect for voting contests of any kind. Easy to use and easy to to setup. Recommended on all levels.

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