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hi --do you think this can be done ? any ideas or comments would be helpful

I need a pagelist thumbnail template done.
in the page list view with all the thumbnails of my pages - when the user clicks on a thumbnail image - it takes him/her to a popup of a larger image.
When the user click on the Title it takes him to the desired page.

so i guess the a href for image goes to a popup
a href for h2 title goes to the page

any thoughts ? does this sound possible ?

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synlag replied on at Permalink Reply

yes should be possible in a combination with the popup addon by Tony.

oaknshield replied on at Permalink Reply
hi thanks alot for reply

i took a look at Tony's popup addon .
he uses a css selector to pop up images/content.
hmmmm- interesting - it may just work

i will contact Tony for any ideas.

if this works this will be a cool idea for a pagelist template

thanks again


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