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Review posted by WillemB on at

Excellent add-on

Very usefull tool and easy to use.
Review posted by cali on at

great, simple, and easy to custom

what a great add-ons, easy to use and custom. only do what's explained but doing this good.
i nice way to save time :) try it is to adopt it !
Review posted by chai714 on at

Excellent Plugin - Makes Life Easier

This plugin is great for adding lots of content (great for product lists or any list for that matter) and will help you keep consistent layout. It auto creates thumbnails, even gives you the option of sizing them! Very flexible plugin and very powerful with the already powerful Concrete5 CMS.
Review posted by oakleafg on at

Very useful

I had been requiring a simple block like this for a long time and thankfully this came along. Very simple to use and works exactly as expected.

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