To subscribe or unsubscribe members from receiving your nesletters, you may add severla email addresses separated by ne line into the text area. Then hit "Subscribe" "Unsubscribe".

In the lower section of the page there are 2 lists:

The one on the left side contains all subscripted email addresses, the one on the right side all not subscripted. You may select addresses by dragging a rectangle over them with the mouse. (The selected emails become red/green). You may Also select single addresses by clicking on them and several addresses by pushing down the CTRL key and drag or click.

Then hit "Move selected to 'unsubscripted" or "Move selected to 'subscripted'".

Notice: all subscribed email addresses must belong to a user account!


The "Un/Subscribe from toesslab - Newsletter" Block can be placed everywhere and handled as any other block. You may create Templates for it, style it, etc as usual. You can then insert a link to that page in your Newsletters as you insert Social Links or User Attributes. See "Create Newsletter" for further information.