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Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

Useful for Everyone

This easy-to-use gallery block is ideal for any responsive design project. It is easy to use - both front-end and configuring the block.

Also, the "touch-enabled" aspect is an added bonus, as it works well on touch devices.

The options that are included makes this gallery flexible so it could be used on responsive, fluid-width, or even standard websites!

1.0 -

Review posted by pauk on at

Nice and clean

It does the job very good, also it simple and fast. works perfect on mobile devices. The support is super
Response by mnakalay on at
Thanks a lot for taking the time to post a (positive :) review.

1.1 -

Review posted by cc87admin on at

Worth the extra

An excellent add-on that allows you to create thumbnails and slide shows on your website in a few easy steps. The add-on works well on Safari, IE, Firefox and Mobile interfaces.

If you have an older version of Concrete you may need an extra hand, but the support is brilliant and easily solved.

You can view my use of this add-on:
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for the review. Hopefully now that the problem is fixed thanks to your input, no extra hand should be needed but one is always available of course :)
Review posted by mario on at

Great modal experience

Really nice add on. I put it on a mobile first responsive site and performs pretty well! Even works on IE 9 and IE 8 as well as the other usual suspect (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Good large close button, and optional arrows. However, touch driven interface is a heck of a lot easier to use on iPad and my Galaxy S2 android than normal arrows. It is a ccs3 driven addon though so it may not work on IE 7 and below but that's true with many things. Good configuration options/tips and commented code in the view.php if you want to get your hands dirty.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thanks Mario. Your input helped me make Touch Gallery even better and it now degrades gracefully in IE7 and below.

1.3.2 -

Review posted by tamas42 on at

excellent add-on + support

It does what it says, looks great and my clients love it! Moreover the support is way-way-way above the average, response time is within hours, the answers contain long, detailed instructions, easy to follow them - thanks a lot, keep up the good work! Will come back if I need one of those Touch Galleries again :)
Response by mnakalay on at
Really thank you for taking the time to write such a great review.
Review posted by simonchilton on at

Best responsive gallery out there

Easy to use, responds superbly to variations in screen size right down to mobile, and supports swipe on enabled devices. I use it with responsive themes and my clients think it's amazing, thanks!
Response by mnakalay on at
Wow, thank you so much for saying so.

1.4.0 -

Review posted by deoldphart on at

Great gallery for mobiles and full screens

I needed a gallery for large picture sets on a Slate-based responsive site. This does the job admirably and was easy to set up and customise a few style details (even for a relative novice like myself).

And I can only echo what others have said about the great support. I had a small problem (owing to a misunderstanding on my part) and the developer responded almost immediately with the information I needed to get things right. (My site configuration also flagged up an error that the developer spotted and a new version of the add-on was ready and waiting for me.)

This add-on is a real bargain for anyone who needs a responsive and easy-to-use gallery.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you so very much.
I'm happy you like Touch Gallery
Review posted by arlenesey on at

Good Block - Great Support

First of all, "out of the package" this block is easy to use. It looks great on all monitors - but really shines on mobile devices.

What really has impressed me is the friendly, patient support provided by the developer. I posted my question in the Forum area - not under Support, but he responded within one day! And he stuck with me until the special layout I needed, worked (thumbnails float left instead of centered). And despite my ineptitude.

This block is otherwise easily "styled", without having to search far and wide in lengthy code.

I can heartily recommend this block for any website, but especially for "responsive" ones.
Response by mnakalay on at
My pleasure.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review

1.4.3 -

Review posted by chassa2556 on at

Serious 'WOW' factor

This is a really smart gallery we were looking for a responsive lightbox gallery and came across this. Thought we'd take a punt on it and it really does work. On an iPad its awesome - we liked it so much we are using is as a duplicate gallery to the slider on all our portfolio pages for mobile media users.
Response by mnakalay on at
WOW thanks :)
Review posted by pritcharddigital on at

Phenomenal Responsive Gallery!

Fantastic add-on that delivers big time for images filling both an iphone and desktop screen perfectly!

What is the easiest way to go without any borders?

Thank you very much!
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you so much.
For the border, I am sending you a pm.
Review posted by studio108 on at

Excellent Responsive Gallery!!

This gallery add on is an excellent responsive solution. Simple to install and use. I have taken quite a bit of time to look at the best responsive galleries in the C5 market and this one has come out on top for me. Very pleased and I will certainly be purchasing more licences for further projects.
Response by mnakalay on at
thank you, I like it when the future looks bright :)
Review posted by pendragn on at

Works great!

We are building an eCommerce and general overview site for our business and this Touch Gallery is great! It works very well on mobile devices, and is a good gallery app in its own right...recommended!
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you. All the best with your business
Review posted by pjsouthflorida on at

Really Nice!

This add-on installed and started up effortlessly! Does and performs exactly like advertised. I was also considering purchasing another gallery add-on at the time but am happy I made the right choice with this one!
Response by mnakalay on at
Many thanks for your review.
Review posted by snobo on at

Great add-on and exceptional support

The add-on itself is of a very high quality - imo, the best touch-supporting gallery from those available in the C5 marketplace. Perfect front-end implementation, user-friendly, configurable.

I had weird issues that had something to do with advanced permissions and resulted in a fatal error in the C5 core itself; I contacted the developer and was very pleased with the support - despite him being very busy on a personal front I got quick help, investigation, and attention. As the result, the issue has been solved in no time. I wish every piece of software had a support like this!
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you so much for taking the time for such a great review
Review posted by midlight on at

Does what you think it does

Well, whats more to say? Install it, set it, use it. Done.
Review posted by alexwag on at

Great gallery add-on!

Currently using it on our website ( after testing a number of others and find it the best one so far.

Easy to use, works very well with the responsive 'Slate' theme.. love it!
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for the compliment, it feels great :)

1.4.4 -

Review posted by ppisoban on at

Excellent Gallery

I wanted a gallery that was responsive, cropped the thumbnails and was touch enabled (worked with swipe) and this add on does all these things very well, for a very reasonable price. The only little downsides is unlike other galleries on here you can't set the number of columns across for the thumbnails so you have to use a bit of trial and error with setting the width for the cropped thumbnails so they fit nicely. The other thing is that there are big black borders round the thumbnails by default which I always need to remove. This is easy if you don't mind delving into the CSS but if you can't/don't want to this could be a problem. Either a border manager or no borders at all would be better. However these are minor niggles on what is an excellent add-on with great documentation.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you so very much for your review.
Review posted by mikejay on at

Awesome add-on and helpful author

Was looking for a truly effective responsive gallery for a while, this is perfect. Very helpful author as well if you have any issues with it.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you. Truly happy you liked it.

1.4.5 -

Review posted by digievo on at

Easy to use, responsive gallery with outstanding support

An excellent solution for those needing an easy to use responsive gallery that uses filesets. Backed up by outstanding support.
Response by mnakalay on at
From someone who's been using it for almost 2 years :) Thank you

1.4.6 -

Review posted by JimMacMillan on at

Great Viewer & GREAT SUPPORT!

First off I have to second Peggy's comment about viewing on a Droid. The thumbnail view and swipe feature works perfectly. On top of that the developer tailored the viewer to my customer's specifications in record time. I wholeheartedly recommend this gallery viewer for its simplicity and support.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for sharing. Always happy to help.
Review posted by ProjbyP on at

Perfect for Android Devices

I've used other galleries that work well on my iphone but the Android usage was awkward. My customer is an Android user (as are many people these days) so it was important that the images show well on that phone, as well as all phones. Needless to say, this one was a hit with my client! He has turned down many other responsive galleries (at higher pricing) that just weren't up to snuff on his phone.

The only thing I'd like to see added is the ablity to include the Title on the enlarged images so when scrolling through, the customer would know what the photo is about.

Thanks for a great add-on!

You can see the gallery at -- -- and book your Ocean City, NJ vacation while visiting the site. ;-)
Response by mnakalay on at
Hi Peggy, thank you for the great review. I am an Android guy myself so that was actually important to me too.

You know there's a setting to show files' description on the enlarged images if you want.
Review posted by ChrisConcrete on at

Smart, simple, swipes, small, sold

Smart, simplified layout and navigation design by the developer. Swipes down to an 08 IPod! Page size is reduced and icons load fast. Three days of research and the performance of Touch Gallery made this the best responsive/swipe gallery solution for my site.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for a great review.

1.5 -

Review posted by Johnny4x on at

Just the job

great plugin, makes for very attractive gallery. Excellent support!
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you, have fun with your project.
Review posted by timbell on at

Great Gallery!

After purchasing the Touch Gallery for the new 5.7.2 version of C5, I found it to be extremely user friendly and very graphically pleasing. I did have a few questions regarding this add-on and the responses came back to me in lightening speed. So we all love the word 'responsive' right?...Thank you to the developer for being so 'responsive'. You rock!
Response by mnakalay on at
Really happy I could help, thanks for the great review.
Review posted by WayneRichmond on at

Fabulous Add-On!

I noticed this add-on as one of the few in the Marketplace listed as being '5.7 ready'. I wanted to use it inside the (also fabulous) 'Easy Tabs' add-on and received a very quick response when I queried the developer about this. Since then I've purchased it and am very happy with how easy it is to set up and how well it works on my computer, iPad and iPhone! :-)

Highly recommended!
Response by mnakalay on at
Awesome review thanks.

1.5 -

Review posted by chrismodlao on at

Perfect block

Light weight and easy.
Just perfect.

Thank you for this and all the other blocks you have created.

Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you, I do my best and more are coming
Review posted by madeforspace on at

Great Addon

A great Gallery block with all the things you need.
Works out the box fantastically and was easy to template.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for taking the time.

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