Version History


  • Modified so arrows don't show on one image galleries


  • Fixed a bug with ie11



  • Added an option to hide arrows when reaching the end or beginning of the slide
  • Added an option to browse the slides in a loop
  • Improved performance especially on mobile




  • Enhanced several templates for better effect
  • Added a new template Circled Tech
  • Removed TITLE attribute from links as not needed for SEO or accessibility since image ALT attribute is used instead




  • Line breaks in images descriptions were not respected. Fixed it.



  • Fixed some small CSS issues on labels




  • Fully v8 compatible
  • Added and removed several Social icons from Social Icons Reloaded (SoundCloud, Github, Spotify, Stack Overflow...)




  • Added French Translation



  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.1.4 where full-screen images would appear in the wrong order
  • Added image index in the event hook



  • Fixed a little bug in CSS that was hiding thumbnail captions with default view



  • Added event triggered on image view for use with Google Analytics or other scripts
  • Added 9 new templates



  • Improved some labels in editing screen (thanks @prestressed)
  • Modified the CSS to not output anything in :after in sleek theme (weird alignment on some iPad versions)



  • Set margin and padding for full-screen image to 0 because some theme styles were interfering (fruitful)




  • Corrected a bug due to view running twice (???)
  • Got rid of a tool and replaced with controller action
  • Corrected a little problem in the sleek template




  • Made Touch Gallery ready for PHP7



  • Corrected a bug that made certain image links non-clickable on mobile in certain browsers (Chrome on Android)



  • Corrected a bug that prevented thumbnail captions from showing




  • Corrected a bug that made Touch Gallery work badly in latest iOS (8.3 and above)
  • Added Sleek, a Touch Gallery template with a sexier, more modern design
  • Added Japanese social networks to Social Icons Reloaded block




  • Corrected a bug that prevented the gallery to work on certain touch screens with templates using an img tag instead of a background image for thumbs
  • Added Social Icons Reloaded block exclusively for users of Touch Gallery



  • Corrected a small bug that made a tap fire twice on certain touch devices (Galaxy S3). That would make the slideshow jump an image on every tap.



  • Moved inline CSS and JS from header and footer to around the block to go around a C5 caching bug
  • Modified minimum C5 version required to due to another caching bug that prevented arrows, closing cross, and spinner to show up.
  • Modified the block's icon to something prettier of the proper size