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Before 1.0.1

Review posted by kevinbrown04 on at

Just what I needed - Fantastic add on

This is a great add on as the only alternative until now for something like this is the $1750 Enterprise Translation add on.


1.0.1 -

Review posted by gour on at

core quality for every i18n user

What to say...this is terrific add-on which should be the part of the C5 core, or, let's say it: "You MUST" have it if you plan to do serious i18n work with Concrete5.

p.s. I'd give it a 10 stars, but only 5 are available. :-(

1.0.2 -

Review posted by okapi on at

Great software, amazing support

This add-on is very useful, easy to use and the support is fantastic!
Review posted by Escens on at

Great addon!

Easy to set up, and easy to use. It should be part of the core, as it is a much needed addon.
Review posted by mesch on at

Great add-on

the Swiss Army Knife of concrete5 translations!
Review posted by DeWebmakers on at

Great addon and great service

Great addon! Makes your life as developer very easy!

And great service too! Had a little problem with the translations in Greek, but the help was great and very quick.

Keep it up!


Review posted by pvernaglia on at


Translation Manager and Language Manager are must have add ons if you are working on multilingual sites.

1.1.1 -

Review posted by headland on at

Extremely helpful!

In combination with the internationalization add-on, the perfect way to handle big multilingual websites. Width a little code/hack in /config/site.php (found in forum) the language-pagetree gets the right locale for the content-translation (independent from selected user language for the backend). Now the editor/customer can handle the translation by itself.
Great work!!
Review posted by advancepwr on at

This add-on is excellent!

This add-on is excellent, easy to use, even for non-tech-savvy clients ... Thank you!
Review posted by hissy on at

This is what I need!

This add-on perfectly assist me in translating site interface. Very easy to use.

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