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Review posted by bleppie on at

Works well, best I found

After trying a few other addons, this was the best I found for linking to my twitter stream.

One limitation is that you can't put links inside parentheses. Tweetcrete erroneously includes the closing parenthesis in the link.
Review posted by lackadaize on at

Simple and Easy

Does the job just fine. Great add-on. Glad it's free too.
Review posted by crowljor on at

Awesome Add on

It was easy to place in and change the code to what I needed to match my design.
Review posted by madeforspace on at

Best of the Bunch

The best Twitter add-on out there.
Great support too :)
Review posted by johnkidd on at

Just what i wanted!

I was looking for a twitter addon that would just diplay one tweet but also display more if needed :-) Thank you!
Review posted by sully210 on at

Works Perfectly

Works exactly like it is supposed to and the support is great:-)
Review posted by robert1984 on at


top drawer addon for adding a twitter feed!
Review posted by avidgeek on at

Nice addon, couple of bugs

Slightly incomprehensible way of doing options, but works well. Shows one fewer tweet than requested for, which is confusing if you're trying to show one tweet!
Review posted by synlag on at

Nice addon

Does what it should, thanks for the work!
Review posted by PatrickHeck on at

Great Add-On

It just does what it's supposed to. Perfect!
Review posted by Opeon on at

Perfect add-on

Does exactly what it says, it gives a feed of twitter messages. You can easily edit the functions/options of this add-on. Recommended!
Review posted by wildfirelondon on at

Excellent Add On

Works right out of the box. Asked a pre sales question of the developer (about when it was going to be available for 5.5.1) got a reply in a matter of hours together with it being opened up for 5.5 Impressed.
Review posted by HWGAnthony on at

Easy peasy!

Totally easy Twitter add-on. Have only just added, but it looks to have everything I need now and will need later.
Review posted by robhall on at

No support but great product

Finally got it all working and it is a great product. Shame about support but hey ho...

Previous post:

I've been trying to use this add on but it's been giving me problems. Regrettably there seems to be no support with it. Raised the matter 15 days ago and still no sign of life.
Review posted by Mnkras on at

Great updates

Really awesome block, and the updates make it even better!
Review posted by Multishow64 on at

Great block

Excellent block, fast support, simple setup.
Review posted by Vivid on at

Works great!

Great free add-on! I tried this out a year ago and it was pretty okay. I had some issues (can't remember what they were), but I tried it out on a site I just did and I've noticed this add-on has been updated with features and it's working great!
Review posted by Veronikan on at

Nice Tweet Add-on

Revised to place correct review here. :) It took me all of 15 minutes to install and customize the look of this add-on. Well done.
Review posted by jaredquinn on at

Simple. Flexible. Fast.

This add-on ticks all the boxes. The simplest most effective way of adding a twitter stream to your Concrete5 site while maintaining flexibility in how you want it displayed.
Review posted by TechBlessings on at

Easy Twitter Integration

This makes integration of your Twitter feed into your a snap. Not only can you monitor your own feed but also hash tags and other terms!

Nice work!
Review posted by wagdi on at

So simple

Sweet little add-on. Nice and easy to configure. Thanks
Review posted by kyledevnel on at

Simple, effective

Really simple add-on. Great quality stuff. Everything you could want in a free add-on. Thank you very much!
Review posted by al211120 on at


Great add-on, no installation problems. Very easy to style.
Review posted by Voodoooo on at


I use my iPhone to 'twitter' newsfeeds to my website.... works great! Tnx4Tweetcrete
Review posted by synlag on at

Nice tool!

Great work, thanks a lot!

Some features could be integrated see below :)
Review posted by Dutchwave on at

Nice, but do have extra suggestions

Works really easy. I do have a few extra features suggestions:

- Show re-tweets
- Follow multiple Twitter accounts
- Be able to separate the timestamp outputs by css.
Review posted by medhatmsm on at

needs PHP 5.2

Unfortunately, I couldn't try it as it uses json functions which became part of php installation only after 5.2 :(
Is there anyway around other than upgrading php?
Response by ScottC on at
helper json is present in concrete5 using Loader::helper('json');

if you are getting errors there then replace the calls to json_decode and encode with $json = Loader::helper('json');

then $json->decode and encode instead of what is written

actually sorry load up the Loader::helper...
then JsonHelper::encode and decode as stated in the app.
Review posted by designerdan on at

Way better than the RSS block.

Great add on! No problem, works as advertised. Thanks for giving it to us, you rock!
Review posted by BeKindRewind on at


I had been using an RSS block to publish Twitter feeds, but they are slow to update. This block works great, and updates almost instantly. Good work, and you can't beat the price!

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