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Review posted by marcelukparker on at

Awesomely effective and easy to use!

This add-on is so wonderfully effective and easy to use that I can hardly believe it's free. It saves lots of time when I'm adding multiple pages and keeps my Twitter feed lively and interesting!
Review posted by Ron2 on at

Very Nice!

This add-on is a great convenience and time saver. Works as advertised. A big thanks to the developer.
Review posted by wagdi on at

Love this

Work just how you'd expect to. Magic. Thanks.
Review posted by senshidigital on at

Great Support

This is a great add-on and the support is first class. Highly recommended!
Review posted by tallacman on at

Pretty Cool Auto Tweeter

I don't know how this thing works but it is way cool. Install and authorize and it automatically updates tweeter with your page changes.
I'd like to see this installed on the c5 site so I get tweets when a new block or theme is added.

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