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Uber Filter (c5.6)

Uber Filter adds highly configurable dynamic filtering to an associated Uber List. This creates a really slick in-page search and filter experience that responds as users select options, enter text and tick check boxes based on page, file and user properties and attributes.

You can see Uber Filter in action on the Search page of my support site, where Uber List is used to list pages and Uber Filter is then used to reduce the list according to various filter controls.

How it works

Uber Filter provides a suite of blocks that co-operate with Uber List to provide filter controls or widgets on the page and a range of related functionality. This all works within a page without any reloading. The filter data is loaded, the filter controls are enabled and from then on the filtering is all within the visitor s web browser.

You can place the filter widget blocks in any page area, laying out the widgets about the Uber List to work with your design.

Uber Filter comes with built in filter indexing for PagesUsers and Files. Filter indexing for form data including any CSV data can be added with Magic Data Forms and you can even develop your own filter sources through a plugin mechanism.

Want to provide a text search of the Uber List? Simply add a text filter widget to the page, choosing what data fields it should filter on. Want to filter by a tags attribute? Here you have a choice of select, mult-select and checkbox filter widgets. They all work in a similar way, you choose the data field, such as tags, to attach the filter to and the intelligence of Uber Filter does the rest.

A variation of the checkbox filter widget can be used to filter by multiple boolean columns, so you can quickly set up a single filter to work with a list of boolean attributes. Sometimes a straightforward match is not enough and you need to filter by looking at a range. Range filter blocks using checkboxes or select controls allow ranges to be specified and matched. A similar interface is provided by a sort control, to provide a dropdown select and sort of the filtered results.

Getting away from actual filtering, specialised widget blocks provide a URL for linking into the page with filters already selected, show a loading overlay and make filter settings sticky between visits. A Clear All filter widget block does just that, clears all the filters.

See the documentation and have a look at my support pages for some examples of what you can do.

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