Documentation Overview

Getting Started with Uber Filter

Before you can begin using Uber Filter, you need to add an Uber List to your page that lists something Uber Filter has an index plugin for.

The Uber Filter package provides the following filters:

  • File Index data for filtering files. 
  • Page Index data for filtering pages. 
  • User Index data for filtering users.
  • Form Index data for any data accessible through Magic Data Forms.

Please follow this linked Getting Started exercise and adapt the example to the pages on your site.

Built In Documentation

Reference documentation for Uber Filter is automatically added to the Uber List dashboard plugin and documentation pages. Once installed, you can find this on your site dashboard at:

> Dashbaord > Stacks and Blocks > Uber List

> Dashbaord > Stacks and Blocks > Uber List Documentation


Detailed Documentation Pages

More detailed documentation can be found at the following pages. 

Other Useful Pages

Uber Filter works on top of Uber List and Magic Data, so don't forget youy can also find useful information throughout the documentation for those addons.