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Universal Content Puller Formigo Containers Wrapper (c5.6)

Wrap absolutely anything in a Formigo Containers template.

Formigo Containers provides some great templates to make regular text content pop out of the page. But wouldn't it be great if you could wrap absolutely anything with such fantastically styled and flexible templates?

Well now you can! This Formigo Containers wrapper for Universal Content Puller takes any content you can pull with Universal Content Puller and wraps it in any template from Formigo Containers, all in one easy block interface.

The possibilities are almost limitless:

  • Put a Google map inside a post it note. 
  • Put an RSS feed inside a quote.
  • Pull a sidebar menu from another page and make it look like a notebook.
  • Grab content from another site and put it into an inset quote.
  • Make any block or stack pop out of the page.


But it doesn't stop there. Universal Content Puller adds the ability to float containers left or right and set their width, padding and margins. You can turn anything into a styled pull quote that your page area flows around. 

This addon requires that Universal Content Puller and the Formigo Containers block are already installed. The Formigo Containers block may also be installed bundled with a theme. Universal Content Puller and Formigo Containers are not included with the purchase of this addon.

Some Great Offers to stylishly wrap anything

Extend the capabilities of Formigo Containers to wrap a container round any content source. (Note: requires Universal Content Puller to be purchased separately) with Formigo Containers Plus.

Container Anything - Everything you need to wrap absolutely anything in a stylish Formigo Containers template with Universal Content Puller, all in one bundle.

Container and Ajax Anything - Everything you need to wrap absolutely anything in a stylish Formigo Containers template with Universal Content Puller and even lazy load it with Blocks by AJAX, all in one bundle.

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Sales have ended due to EOL

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