Version History

Always update UCP before updating content sources and other plugins.

1.5 - php7 compatibility

1.4.5 - New Magic Data symbols for manipulating HTML attributes.

1.4.4 -New Magic Data symbols to make selections and exclusions from HTML fragments.

1.4.3 - New Magic Data symbols for block inspection.

1.4.2 - Changes to ways optional packages are tested for, so avoiding logged warnings if they are not installed.

1.4.1 - Revised to comply with changes to c5 core on_page_view for scrapbook and stacks.

1.4 - Extended Magic Data integration options with Magic Data controlled content sources and Magic Data symbols.

1.3 - Refactoring to speed edit dialog and support further integration.

1.2 - Compatibility with UCP v1.2

1.1 - Minor changes to take advantage of UCP 1.1+

1.0 - Initial release