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Must have, for UCP users

I needed a little bit of Magic Data Symbol processing in the url field for the Box Grabber UCP plugin. Although I probably could have gotten it working on my own with lots of poking, I ran it across Johns inbox to be sure it was/wasn't something he would like to add to the package.

I was told it was "back burner" at the moment and John graciously provided me simple instructions to modify it for my needs in the mean time, which were right along my expectations.

Needless to say, before I even got started on my modifications a few days later, there was already an update! Not only was the url field Magic Data enabled, but the selector and exclude fields are now enabled as well. All through a set of new custom templates.

If you use Universal Content Puller and Magic Data, you NEED this free package as well. At least to play around with. I mean, it's free, right? :D

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