The content sources provided by Universal Content Puller are pluggable and expandable. Universal Content Puller will automatically detect new content sources as they are added.

Text File

Upload and select a text (.txt) file using the concrete5 file manager or enter a URL to a text file anywhere on the web.

Each end-of-line will be used to split the file into paragraphs. Options include removal of embedded HTML tags and automatically translating plain text URLs into hyperlinks. 

Use this source for cleanly displaying text files or even for embedding snippets of html.


Markdown File

Upload and select a markdown formatted text file (.txt or .md) file using the concrete5 file manager or enter a URL for a markdown file from anywhere on the web.

The file will be dsiplayed according to the markdown syntax. Options include removal of embedded HTML tags.

Note - to accept .md extensions, you will need to add it to Dashboard > System & Settings > Permissions & Access > Allowed File Types.

Markdown is the format used for documentation within GitHub and for HowTos, so amongst other things this format can be an easy way of showing documentation on your site.


RSS Feed

Simply enter the feed URL to pull content from an RSS feed.

Date display can be formatted according to any PHP date format string.

Options include removal of HTML tags, pagination, limiting the feed length, translating URLs in the feed into hyperlinks, displaying thumbnails and linking to the feed page from the heading, thumbnail or a 'read more' note.

Use this content source to display syndicated content from anywhere on the web.

Advanced Features

All the advanced content features provided by Universal Content Puller are available with these sources.

  • AJAX loading with the Blocks by AJAX addon
  • Caching of sources
  • Display wrappers
  • Text processors
  • Fine control of remote content pulling