Version History

Universal Content Puller is now available for concrete5 v8+

If you also use Magic Data, always update Magic Data before updating UCP

When updating UCP sources and other plugins, always update UCP before updating plugins.

1.6.2 - Handle install when attribute set not created.

1.6.1 - Fix bug caused by incorrect use of cache from another package.

1.6 - php7 compatibility

1.5.6 - Optional cache jitter setting to add some randomness to when cached content is cleared.

1.5.5 - Page Attribute to override UCP cache modes. Uses: (1) You have a page with many UCP blocks, use this attribute to change their cache mode without editing. (2) You have UCP blocks in global areas, but want to change the way it caches on specific pages.

1.5.4 - New cache modes to cache by parent or grandparent page.

1.5.3 - New Cache or Blocks by Ajax template will render the UCP source from the cache if possible, or render it later by Ajax if not already cached.

1.5.2 - Extended page area recognition for Magic Data.

1.5.1 - Scope of recursion catching extended to loading of assets.

1.5 - New Magic Data symbols for rendering or extracting content and extracting pages and files from text or html.

1.4.9 - Fix issue where de-serialisation helper could be confused with similar helper from Uber List. New Magic Data symbols for block inspection.

1.4.8 - Extended cache options makes it easier to cache pulled content within a flexible security policy.

1.4.7 - Changes to ways optional packages are tested for, so avoiding logged warnings if they are not installed.

1.4.6 - Resolve issue with comparing c5 core versions.

1.4.5 - Resolve backward compatibility issue of filesets source with pre concrete5.6 core versions.

1.4.4 - New no_css template. Renders UCP without it's own view.css. Saves loading an unnecessary view.css file if there are no list or footnote settings.

1.4.3 - New content source 'Stack No Assets' to load the content of a stack, but not even bother checking blocks in the stack for JavaScript or CSS files. Internal adjustments to optimize internal cache mechanism to take advantage of no assets.

1.4.2 - Internal changes to block controller to facilitate popup wrappers as now in Magic Tipple v1.6

1.4.1 - Version number update to comply with new marketplace linter.

1.4 - Extended Magic Data integration options with Magic Data controlled content sources and Magic Data symbols.

1.3.2 - Cleaned up sorting of wrapper names in to make long lists easier to work with.

1.3.1 - Removal of namespace conflict with Uber List.

1.3 - Refactoring to speed edit dialog and support further integration. - Resolved issue loading template assets in stacks - Fileset source attributes and tags attached as metadata - Minor fix to css for wrappers from content block.

1.2 - Extended Plugin Capabilities. Requires plugin packages to also be upgraded!!

1.1.1 - Consolidatioin of wrapper plugin architecture

1.1 - Enhancements to support further sources and wrappers - Improvement to c5 version/capability adaptive parts - Fix stack permissions for c5.5

1.0 - Initial release