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With v1.1, Universal Content Puller introduces Content Wrappers. Like content sources, wrappers are fully pluggable and extendible.

UCP wrappers are like templates on steroids. You don't need to write new templates for UCP when you can wrap it with templates originally developed for an other block or write a fully parametrised wrapper for pulled content.

I have long been an admirer of Formigo Containers as a neat way of adding some content with a bit of wow to make it jump from the page. The first wrapper plugin now nearing release is an integration of UCP with Formigo Containers so you can use any of the great containers templates to contain absolutely anything.

Put an map inside a post it note.
Put an RSS feed inside a quote.
Pull a sidebar menu from another page and make it look like a notebook.
Grab content from another site and put it into an inset quote.

In addition to wrapping pulled content, the Formigo Containers wrapper plugin for UCP will also float the container left or right and put padding or margin round it, so you can slip a container in as a call to action within the normal flow of an area.

Have a look at Formigo Containers, then think of what great stuff you could put inside them if there were no limits.

I will be updating the documentation page once this is released.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The Formigo Containers Wrapper for UCP is now approved in the marketplace.

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