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Review posted by OKDnet on at

Quirks and no support any more

It has some quirks and possible issues, and unfortunately the developer, although a nice guy, has no interest what-so-ever in supporting his add-ons any more. The bottom line is he has moved on from Concrete5. He seems straight forward in basically saying it's just not worth his time. I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls all his add-ons from the marketplace, because he made a comment suggesting as much. (and he pulled his most popular add-on quite some time ago for this very reason).
Response by ScottC on at
You're absolutely right, I didn't feel that the upgrade given my available time was worth the effort. I've been able to avoid diving into concrete 5.7, and I'll happily pull all of my add-ons and I will email frz asking for that.

Concrete5 is a great CMS and I am really thankful to Andrew for providing the patterns and such to consider and build upon in my professional career. Please again send me your address and I will send you a check for a refund. Thanks!
Review posted by nishantl on at

Essential when migration sites!

This is an amazing add-on, does exactly what you need it to do. It is an absolute essential when migrating or upgrading a website. It easily maps links and ensures that SEO juice is passed onto the correct page. Also helps find any broken links that may not have been mapped.

An absolute must have add-on!!
Review posted by PatrickHenry on at

Thank you for making this...

Absolute must have add-on if you're serious about migrating your site and recouping lost links. It's as good, probably better, than's Lost Link recouping tools.
Even better, it even is logging image requests where someone has hot-linked to an image that was on our previous site. I'm able to easily map those to a new image of our logo whose filename contains several keywords for our site. SEO double whammy :) Love it! Thanks for helping to make my job manageable!

Before 1.2

Review posted by bryanlewis on at

Life Saver!!!

This add-on is elegant and very nice to work with. Saves a ton of headache when updating an old site to a new one. If search engines are still finding links from your clients old site you can easily re-direct them to the correct page with this add-on!

This is the only way to go if you are looking for a URL Director! 5 stars from me!

1.2 -

Review posted by MarkRussellKington on at

Work Saver

This add-on is a really good time saver if you are moving an old site to a c5 site as you can point the old urls out their on the web to the new site and its easy to use as I am compleatly non technical

its 5 stars from me !!

1.3 -

Review posted by angelas on at

So easy and simple

What a time saver! So easy and simple to use. I'm new to website building and this has saved me a vast amount of time. Does exactly what it says.
Review posted by tallacman on at

Page not found

Well I hate the generic 404 page concrete5 send you to. This block easily and effortlessly lets you specify any page you have as a 404 page. Include me in on this fantastic block.
Thanks, Scott!
Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

System req. is not as said. Slows down Concrete5 website

Wanted to use this for a C5 v5521 website.
Tested on 5602, really slows down the website.

See attachments!

10 okt 2012

I added some attachments, but they did not save.
I wanted to install it on a concrete5 v5521 website.
But it gives a message "This req. minimal v560", so i installed it on a local machine with C5 5602 what had after installing this add-on real pour performance. After deinstalling the add-on the website had a really better performance.
Have not tested this remotely.
The controller has this rule
protected $appVersionRequired = '5.6.0'

Then it will not install on a C5 version lower than 5.6.0

I tested this on 5521 just set the appVersionRequired to 5.5.0
I would not install without a error message.
Than the status is installed, but there are no menu items made in the dashboard.................


Tested on a dedicated (Lamp) server Concrete5 v5602
No performance issues here, must be the local (Wamp) installation.

Rating from 1 to 4 stars, could be 5 stars if Concrete5 v5.5.x.x had no issues!
Response by ScottC on at
It does work with 5.5.1+, but 5.6 once again changed how the responsive dashboard stuff was done which made the current version incompatible with 5.5.1+, well it'll still run but the dashboard stuff might look a bit weird.

I'm sorry you are seeing a slowdown on your site, the slowdown on pages that would otherwise result in a 404 is noted. I had hoped that the provided links provided benchmarks(or screenshots of benchmarks) which I could look into to improve the performance for your particular use case.
Review posted by msanderson on at

Fantastic Add-On

We're moving an old website with a lot of inbound links over to a new Concrete5 version and this add on is absolutely indispensable. The ability to actually see what bad links people are following in to the site and redirect them (using the redirect type of our choice) from one place (this add-on) is incredibly valuable. This is going to save us a ton of time and help visitors avoid a lot of frustration.

1.6.1 -

Review posted by sk01 on at

Great Add On!

really great add on! when changing pages regularly it's must-have.

1.6.1 -

Review posted by hostco on at

5 star time saver

This add-on is a huge time saver and works very well. Nice work Scott.
Review posted by madeforspace on at

Saved My Life

Saved my sanity and all my customers existing SEO.
Great work Scott.
Review posted by webpresso on at

Great for sites that already existed elswere

Really usefull stuff! Great for getting old URLs to the new ones.

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