Version History


* Updated package icon and "User Info" Block Type icon;
* Removed unneeded checking of concrete5 versions below this package's minimum required concrete5 version;
* Removed unneeded variable declaration to improve performance;
* Rewrote old PHP array syntax `array()` to new PHP short array syntax `[]` introduced in PHP 5.4;
* Rewrote used PHP alias classes to full namespace;
* Global cleanup of unused code/variables/comments and better indenting/code readability;

- fixed a bug inserting avatars in a <div> instead of a <span>

- fixed bug introduced in concrete8.1: the dropdown menus are visable again in the CKE editors
- dropdown menu icons are now shipped with the add-on.

- concrete5 v8.0 ready !
- ckeditor plugin (redactor still available)
- added translation, including dutch language
- save config in application file instead of database
- faster code (rewritten cascade calls)
- cleaned up and restructured a lot of the code (config, editors, content, save)
- fixed redactor dropdownmenu problem when switching tabs
- replaced deprecated UserInfo::getByID (8.0)
- attributes (8.0)
- added use of LinkAbstractor::translateFromEditMode
- improved token validation
- fixed bug that could occur in concrete5 versions - 8.0b1 when displaying avatar on guest users
- added a test for installs to avoid bug: ->make('user.avatar') vs ->make('user/avatar')
- added redactor options to keep <div> etc, instead of <p>
- added WillemAnchor\UserInfo PSR4classloader prefix

- added a check in view.php - on doc ready - if js was loaded. For proper rendering when used in a stack and viewing with Stack Manager
(IsEditMode fails because it only checks if the page is in /blocks/stacks)
- fixed error: Call to a member function hasAvatar() on a non-object
- fixed problem counting visitors on
- replaced deprecated code
- reformatted code to better PRS2 compliance

The following version is available for concrete5 versions older than
Added the following {ui_tags}:
- {ui_email}
- {ui_lastip}
- {ui_timezone}
- {ui_language}
bugfix: {ui_logins}

The biggest change is that now also info about the author of the page can be shown. Therefore a lot of logic was moved from the view to the controller.
This is a bit more demanding on the server, but less data is sent.
- fixed some attrib types like 'social links' to be shown correctly
- moved content/avatar tags-processing from view.js to controller: preProcessContent($content, $sessionInfo, $userInfo, $visitors)
- split controller functions into: getSessionInfo, getUserInfo, getUserAttributes (and visitor from saveSession)

- added user tab with option: display current user or page author
- added avatar content for guest users
- all tags now also available for guests
- added popover requireAsset to allow avatars to work for guest users

- renamed settings tab to global settings

- added CSS classes for logged or not logged users: .ui_content_user .ui_content_guest
- removed a lot of data that was set to view.php
- removed now obsolete javascript variables in view.php (and view.js) (cleaner html)
- cleaned up some code

- added some info text in user tab

1.0.2 - first release