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Am I to understand, correctly, that this does NOT retrieve information from Vanilla and post that on formatted (correctly) c5 pages by adding a block? Is this JUST a bridge for users to be logged into both, but have to completely leave the c5 page (formatted correctly with a theme) and then sent to a Vanilla forum page (un-formatted, without a corresponding theme)?

Thanks in advance -- I'm a bit disappointed so far, since it seems the latter is true.

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12345j replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
this is just a bridge for vanilla, as it says in the description. im sorry
your disappointed with it, but I thought it was pretty clear in the
description and screenshots that it sends users to vanilla.
dihakz replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, that's a shame since I've been using the Discussion add-on, from the core developer group, and it has severe limitations. Vanilla answers those limitations, but adds another level of complexity if I have to stick with sending users to THAT site (they have to maintain two separate accounts, and given the size and age of the community using the site, it is not a feasible solution.)

Oh well, live and learn, I guess. I still wish I could add the functionality of this forum to the Discussions module.
12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
if you want to use that use vanilla embed forums. (http://vanillaforums.com/blog/news/embed-vanilla-into-any-site-in-the-world/) it might work with this add-on too,I'm not sure.
dihakz replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, I tried it... but you still have to administer separate user accounts. :-(

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