How it Works

Vimeo Video embeds a Vimeo video on your page. All you really need is just the video ID, which should be a numeric value (ex. 12345678).

You can set the width and height, and customize the interface color.

The "Intro" and "Other" settings are set to "off" (unchecked) by default. If you want to display the video title, portrait, and byline on the video interface, simply check these. You can also enable the video to autoplay and loop.

Finally, if you choose to display a link below the video, it will show the video title and username (you can specify these). The links open in a new window. Be sure to define the title and username so they appear in the link (if it is enabled).

"Responsive" Custom Template

The default view is not responsive. If you want it to be responsive, simply select the "Responsive" custom template. This uses FitVids.js to make the video auto-fit anywhere you put it.