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Review posted by HeinoM on at

Do Not Buy

I bought InstaFeed almost a month ago and have been trying to get it to install ever since. Nothing but errors. MANY support requests and private messages and even voicemails left at Vivid have yielded no response. I am forced to request a refund. Obviously, Vivid is far too busy to support paying customers, so I won't be one anymore. 3 plus weeks without a single response is unacceptable. I'll spend my money with companies that actually give a damn about customer support and putting out a product that works.
Response by Vivid on at
Hey there - We greatly apologize about the delay in getting a response back. I understand that's certainly frustrating and wrong on our part. We've refunded your license. In any case, we've resolved the issue you were experiencing, and you may continue to use the product that has been fixed.

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